Ready to Burn

by Crossworm



Ready to Burn was an experimental album written in 2006, to help increase my writing ability and to experiment with production techniques. It was never pressed or officially release. I released a previous version online in 2007 for free, to get constructive criticism from some peers. This version is the final one. It contains some extra features. Three songs from the original version went on to be included in my 2008 release; "Mouth Full of Dirt."


released January 8, 2007

All beats produced by Crossworm. Vocals recorded by Jimmy Graham. Album mixed by Crossworm.



all rights reserved


Crossworm Grand Rapids, Michigan

"Crossworm is almost annoyingly talented. Musician, artist, poet, and essayist, he’s seemingly a potential threat in almost any artistic medium you drop him into.

Crossworm’s music is a strong mix of violent imagery, anthemic chorus’s, introspection and societal critique told from the voice of the proletariat."

-Ryan Nehring,
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Track Name: Monkey in a Cage
35 days, and I'm trpped in the dust.
the desert is a bitch, and the tour is a bust.
fucked out of luck, and the devil passed by.
we danced in the dirt and I left, and she cried.

venom in the veins, in the liqor and the pain.
lies and remains of the dreams in the drain.
the whip gets cracked, and my back is a mess.
stuck with the stress, and the cardiac arrest.

in the freak show, I couldnt eat or barely sleep
though my feet burning up in the heat, now I'm beat
I wanna leave, but I made a choice to be a martyr on a leash.
i used my voice to raise hell and the deceased.

the sex, the drugs, and the pain.
the modified lifestyle standing out in the rain.
No way to believe, a piece of me wouldn't leave.
the Devil in my soul was the Johnny of Steve.

the freaks and the geeks, and the modified truth.
the blood sweat and tears, and the outcast youth.
lies and deceit, the defeat and the rage.
35 Days.... a monkey in a cage.

A fucked up day in another shitty state.
I tried to relate, but I'm chock full of hate.
I cant seem to understand why I tried to stay
Trapped in a cage over worked, under paid.

Try as I may, but no way could I escape.
We left in the rain, and they came for the rape.
They take and they lie and they cheat and they steal.
getting fucked in the face can ruin your next meal.
Track Name: Wish the World Away
Fascists cap the growth with the habits.
Pay the tax on the rabbits and lab kits.
Bury your face in the television and the games.
You'll run away from your pain and wish the world away.