Dead White Trash



This was my first album recorded professionally. It was a group project with my best friend in high school. We wrote a lot of this in 98 / 99, and made our way to a local studio and finished this album one year before 911. Ironically our little indie label was called "Terror Productions".

If I remember correctly this was around 18 songs.

This was how I cut my teeth on instrumental production using crude tools to chop digital samples, and sequence them in old loop / midi sequencing tech. I had no idea what I was doing but I believed in it, and it was the spark that ignited my passion for production.


released September 11, 2000



Crossworm Grand Rapids, Michigan

"Crossworm is almost annoyingly talented. Musician, artist, poet, and essayist, he’s seemingly a potential threat in almost any artistic medium you drop him into.

Crossworm’s music is a strong mix of violent imagery, anthemic chorus’s, introspection and societal critique told from the voice of the proletariat."

-Ryan Nehring,
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